Breath and Presence





Heather Marie Miller , E-YRT,is a certified vinyasa yoga and yin yoga teacher, having studied with Corinna Benner and Jill Manning at Wake Up Yoga.  Her primary practice is Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, and she has trained extensively with David Keil and John Scott. Before training in yoga, she was a runner and personal trainer at Main Line Health and Fitness, having been certified by ACSM as a Health Instructor. Heather Marie is also a professional bodyworker, including certifications in Yamuna Body Logic and Body Rolling (http://www.yamunabodyrolling.com), and thai massage (studying under Joanne Bianco). The mother of two young sons, Heather Marie keeps a full roster of private sessions with students and clients, and regularly teaches workshops and classes. Her past experience includes running the fitness program at a retirement community, volunteering in a cardiac rehabilitation program, and assisting with yoga teacher trainings. Heather Marie appreciates the opportunity to share and teach yoga and bodywork with a focus on mindfulness and breathing. She continues to learn from her teachers, her sons and husband about breathing, yoga and life.






Using Breath, Yoga, and Yamuna Body Rolling to Solve the Mysteries of Discomfort, Tension and Pain. 

Heather works one-on-one with people interested in improving overall vitality and quality of daily life.  Together, you will mindfully work on breathing techniques, yoga, and bodywork to help bring balance to both the mind and body.  When there is an injury or pain, she uses breathing techniques to ease the pain and heal from the inside out, and combines them with yoga and bodywork to bring healing from the outside in. Yoga asanas (poses) focus, steady and calm the mind.  Asana also frees the breath and energy to move throughout the body, strengthening muscles and bones, softening tension and bringing balance to the whole system. Yamuna Body Rolling balls help guide the breath and energy to these areas of tension, bringing ease and release.  You both will systematically work through the body from muscle origins to insertions, taking the balls and the breath from start to finish.  Bone tissue is stimulated, and facial tissue is released. Use the breath to work with tension and resistance in asana and bodywork, to bring ease, steadiness, and release. Bring balance to the winds, or vayus, of prana, to enhance overall vitality. Change the daily experiences of discomfort and pain and accelerate healing by mindfully directing the breath.